Feb 24, 2014

Preppy Lady Tag

Hey Y'all,
If you haven't seen @themonogrammedmiss on instagram, then you defenitly should follow her! Anyways, on her blog, http://themonogrammedmiss.blogspot.com/, she decided to do a spin off of The Preppy Girl Tag. You know, the one on youtube, and instagram, and blogs, and polyvore, and pinterest... Well, I've seen it everywhere! I am so glad that she decided to create this new tag, and that she tagged me to do it on Instagram! 

1. What is your monogram, and what is your favorite monogrammed item? 
My monogram is eSk. My favorite monogrammed item, would have to be my hat, and my Lilly Pulitzer agenda. 

2. If you could design your own Lilly print, what would it be named?
Wow. This is a good question. My design would probably have a lot of blues and pinks in it... But, I'm not sure what I would call it! Hmm.. I wonder if you can pass questions in this tag? If you can, I'm passing this question!

3. Seersucker or Gingham?
I love the seersucker material. I love how it's softer than gingham. I like gingham as well, but I like seersucker just a little bit more. 

4. What is the preppiest clothing item in your closet?
Well, I guess it's considered preppy.. I just love this sweater SO much! 
5. Are you a Jackie, an Audrey, or a Lilly? (Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, or Lilly Pulitzer)
I'd have to say Audrey Hepburn. I really like her opinions and quotes. In my Instagram profile, I have this quote by her: "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."

6. How many koozies do you own, and which ones are your favorites? (If none, your favorite cups, tumblers, Camelbaks ect.)
I own 3 koozies. I really just use one of them the most, because it's monogrammed chevron. But since I go hiking a lot, at the State Parks, I have a koozie that is pink with the State Park slogan (or whatever it's called) on it "Come out and Play!". My other koozie is green, and I picked it up when I went geocaching one time... My favorite cup would have to be my monogrammed mason jar! My friend made it for me a while back!

7. What item is at the top of your preppy wish list?
A monogrammed New Englander rain jacket. I really like the look of them, so I'm saving up my pennies and nickels!

8. Who is your style inspiration?
Hmm. This is kind of a hard question. I have my own style most the time, and I inspire myself. But other times, I will pick up bits and pieces from instagram accounts such as: @toopreppytofunction, @belleoftheball45, and @style_by_salli.

9. If J.Crew didn't exist, what would be your favorite store? 
Actually, I don't have a J.Crew in my area, or at least not one that I know about. So, I like going to Old Navy, T. J. Maxx, and Target to find clothes. I guess if I had to pick a favorite out of the three, I would say Old Navy. 

10. What is your favorite frocket or preppy T-Shirt brand?

11. Describe your style in three words:
Comfortable, Classy, (and for the most part) Casual. 

12. What is one item every lady should own?

These are very well thought out questions, and I think that this tag will be very interesting to see other people do... So, I tag:

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    1. Belle,
      I agree with you on that one... It was very fun to answer them! You should do them too!!


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