Mar 8, 2014

Staple Saturday

staple saturday

Hey Y'all, 
It's Saturday again, so today's post will be a Staple Saturday post! Click here to read last week's post.

This week's staple is a little different than the other staples that have been shared with y'all in the past. This staple is a hair accessory. Headbands are a definite necessity. If you're having a bad hair day, don't feel like putting your hair up, or just anything... Then headbands are the perfect thing for you!

There are many different types of headbands. Decorative headbands, lace headbands, crochet, whatever! I think all headbands are pretty adorable...

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orange and gold

That's about it for this Staple Saturday...
Thanks for reading,

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  1. I always look forward to your Saturday staples!



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