Mar 4, 2014

Time to Transition...

Winter to Spring

Hey Y'all,
Winter and Spring are two very different seasons. The temperature changes, the fashion changes, and flowers start blooming in the spring time. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. Winter is a nice season too, but I don't enjoy colder weather. I would definitely choose warm weather over cold weather any day. 

The image at the top of this post shows fashion related transitions that take place when Winter ends and Spring begins. In this post, I will discuss how the items are no longer appropriate for the new season. 

L.L. Bean boots: For me, once Spring hits the warm weather follows pretty quickly. Bean boots are meant for cold weather. It's not that Bean boots go out of style.. It's just that they aren't needed anymore when the weather is nice. 

L.L. Bean Adirondack Barn Coat: Heavy coats and jackets (such as this L. L. Bean coat), are not needed very much in the spring time Because the weather is nicer and is much warmer, than in the winter time. 

Bead Still My Heart necklace: This necklace has many dark colors in it. Dark Winter colors can be left behind for bright Spring colors. Of course this necklace can still be worn, but it might look better in the colder months.

Jack Rogers Sandals:  You can't wear these sandals in the Winter, unless you live in California or another warm place like that. When Spring arrives, you can wear sandals! These Jack Rogers are absolutely perfect for springtime weather. 

The North Face Venture jacket: Is it just me, or does it seem to rain a whole lot more in the Spring time than other months. That's just what I've noticed.. Anyways, I think that a light, good quality rain jacket is nice to own for a rainier season.  

Kate Spade Gumdrop Gems necklace: This necklace has beautiful pastel colors. When I think of Spring, I think of lovely colors like the ones that make up this necklace! It's very Springy if you know what I mean..

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed writing it, and finding these items for this post! I hope everyone has a very nice beginning of Spring. 

What is your favorite Winter item?
What is your favorite Spring item?

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  1. Love the bright colors in that necklace!



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