Jun 25, 2015

Birks & Denim Shorts

Oh heavens.. It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've done an outfit post here on Classy Cathleen. Here's a little Outfit of the day.. another thing I haven't done in a while. It takes a while for me to get the photos I want. My siblings are younger.. and sometimes it's tough for them to understand what exactly I want taken. This time, I took them myself. Tripod and timer. Let me know how you think they came out in a comment below! Also-- I totally don't think there's anything wrong with wearing a sunhat like this just around town instead of like at the beach where you would typically see them.. The shorts are actually hand me downs from my brother's speech therapist, and if you read my other post from earlier today.. You may recognize the Birks. I'm in love with this pair, and I would wear them all day every day if I could. Also while I was shooting this.. three bees flew in my hat/hair and a black cat was crawling around in the woods all while my neighbors were walking around and awkwardly staring at me running back and forth to the tripod and back under the trees... I mean I don't know, I guess it was pretty funny to watch! 

When you hear a bee in your hair and you don't want to move for fear it will sting you.

bee part two
When you hear a cat in the woods... Guess what it was black. A black cat came out when I was shooting. 

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