Aug 10, 2015

#bloggersBTS Closet decluttering

ahh Happy Monday everyone.. Today marks the first day in the #bloggersBTS week 2: organization. Now, I am probably the least qualified person to be giving any advice at how to be organized.. seeing as how I am still not entirely unpacked from my weekend Table Rock adventures, and I'm sitting down to write this post at 5:30. I've never, and I mean NEVER, been an organized person. I feel most like myself when I'm searching through random crap to find a specific thing. Now I know that's not practical.. AT ALL. It sounds awful talking about my organization issues.. but I promise it's not that bad. Over the years I've learned that in order to be successful, I have to have structure and some organization. Otherwise, well, I just won't survive. So this week, expect some tips from someone who is naturally NOT a neat freak or who doesn't really care about messes.. and how I organize enough to get day to day things done. Which, in my opinion, is kind of a neat perspective if you too are struggling with being organized. SO ENOUGH RAMBLING. Let's take a look at what I've been up to organization wise today!

My room is basically in a constant state of unorganization and messes. Most people wouldn't share pictures like the ones below.. because they're not professional or very blogger like, but can I just say, HELLO THIS IS REALITY 

my bag from the weekend that I have not yet unpacked

my stationery side table.. IDK what happened here

here's the dresser ft. my sister's perfume and my current #ootd sweats for days

then we get to this sad and pathetic closet of bad lighting and extreme messes.

cover your eyes everyone! It's about to get terrifying! All these clothes.. Oy. 

So the first steps in decluttering one's closet would be to take everything and throw it out of your clost.. thus creating an even larger mess. I used my bed and the pile was like twice as tall as me. 

After everything's out and in the pile, separate the cleans from the dirties 

dirties on their way to the laundry...
I then made two stacks.. Things on hangers, and things that need to be put on hangers.. The to-put-on-hangers pile was insanely huge as well

Here's the pile already with hangers

As you can tell, I'm not the type of person who really cares the type, color, ect. of hangers used in the closet.. I see hangers as tools and for my closet, I do not need an aesthetic thank you very much.

As you hang all your clothes on hangers, jam out to your spotify playlist

One thing I like to do is clip 2-3 pairs of chinos together to cut down on the number of hangers used.. I own so many pairs of chinos, it just makes things easier (most of my clothes are in the laundry right now haha)

I ended up grouping shorts and skirts together.. to the left of them.. dresses.. to the left.. jeans/pants.. to the left.. jackets and sweaters.. to the left.. blouses.. to the left.. tanks

This was a pretty REAL post for organization week hahaha but I believe that it is EXTREMELY important to have your closet together before school. It saves so much time, and keeps your clothes looking nicer before that morning. Thanks for reading:)

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