Dec 23, 2015

Merry & Bright #galpalholiday

For tacky sweater day last week at school, I was feeling conflicted. I wore my Christmas penguin sweater last year, and my REALLY tacky sweater had a hole in it! Soooo I just couldn't wear penguins two years in a row. I grabbed my Piko dress from the closet, my handy safety pins and gold tinsel (of course I have a spare one in the drawer). You probably saw my instagram post but anyways, for the Merry & Bright part of #galpalholiday hosted by myself, Rachel and Cristina I knew I had to share my Christmas tree outfit. 

Let's talk about Christmas traditions real quick. So I told you that on Halloween, we put our Christmas decorations up. So all the days leading up till Christmas, we all jump in the car with hot chocolate and blankets of course, and drive all around South Carolina looking at Christmas lights. 

On Christmas day, I make waffles and pancakes. We open presents, and then all of us help to make Christmas pizza -- an old Slagle tradition. Then afterwards we go out and deliver cookies to friends, and people working on Christmas day. 

There's probably a bunch of other Slagle traditions that we do for Christmas... but I've grown so used to them I wouldn't know it. 

What are some of your family Christmas traditions?

We were having a private Christmas concert outside... this was mid Santa Baby. 

Merry Christmas, friends! Stay tuned for another Christmas-y post and linkup below!

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