Feb 16, 2016

Why I Don't Watch Award Shows + 2016 Show Guide

Monday night was the Grammy's and the Oscar's are coming up on February 28th. It seems like there is always another either video or music award show just around the corner. I've never understood why there are so many different awards. It just seems like there's a lot of opportunities for many different people to be "one of the greats" or that they're just a press scam or an excuse for famous people to get dressed up in crazy expensive outfits and walk the red carpet. They've just never been too appealing to me. 

Some people watch for the fashion. If I care about what Selena and Beyonce wore on the red carpet I can check Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. If I want to see The Weeknd's or Demi's performance, I can go to YouTube. 

Some people watch because they know all the famous people rumored to be getting awards... If I care, which I really don't because to be honest I don't know the difference between an Emmy and a Grammy, then I can run a google search and know in under 5 minutes who was awarded what. Also I barely know any of the people that they feature on these shows... If they have a Disney past or are on some show on Netflix than I most likely know who they are... other than that I just know them as "that guy on that show with that other guy" or "that girl on that show with that other girl". 

The show's are typically on kinda late too... which is pretty annoying. Like really, I just want sleep! Why would I stay up late to watch famous people walk, get their pictures taken, and sing a few songs. 

Not only are they on late... but they take forever! Commercial breaks, tons of awkward watching of celebrities standing while I lounge in bed or on the couch, and I just don't have enough time scheduled out for shows like that. 

Most of the celebrities I find extremely unintelligent and I don't particularly care what they have to say. There's no way to skip the people I don't like and only watch the one's I do... unless you count turning the volume down... but that really doesn't help in my opinion. 

I get that some enjoy the unpredictability of the shows... but eh I don't know. I follow them on Twitter if I want to know their personal thoughts. 

Even though the viewership has gone down 9% from last year's Grammys... At a solid 23.72 viewers, I don't think my unpopular opinion on these types of shows will implement itself in reality anytime soon. 

(Don't take this post as a bash to celebrities... I'm just merely sharing my thoughts!)

Here's what I was doing instead of watching the Grammys:

-Making a pretty freaking awesome comparitive timeline of the 3 main Islam dynasties for AP World History
-Reading The Devil Wears Prada
-Eating cheetos and trying to come up with blog content for this week
-Replying to emails
-Updating my Pinterest
-Editing photos for a photography project

See how much I got done instead of watching the latest award show!!! It's insane, right?! But if you're unlike me and absolutely adore award shows... Add these dates to your calendar and plan your viewing parties now (thank me later, and yes I'm aware of how slightly hypocritical this post is...):

Independent Spirit Award - for all the greatest independent films and actors
date: February 27th 2016
when: 5 pm EST on IFC 
hosts: Kate Mckinnon & Kumail Nanjiani

Academy Awards - The Oscar awards
date: February 28th 2016
when: 7 pm EST on ABC
host: Chris Rock

Kid's Choice Awards - Quite possibly the only one I'll watch in 2016
date: March 12th 2016
host: Blake Shelton

MTV Woodies 
date: March 16th 2016

iHeartRadio Music Awards - This could be worth the watch
date: April 3rd 2016
when: 8 pm EST on TBS TNT and TruTV
performing: Justin Bieber & Meghan Trainor are definites

Academy of Country Music Awards - the same day as iHeartRadio
date: April 3rd 2016
when: 8 pm EDT on CBS
hosts: Luke Bryan & Dierks Bentley

MTV Movie Awards
date: April 10th 2016
when: 8 pm on MTV

Billboard Music Awards
date: May 22nd 2016
when: 8 pm EST on ABC

Tony Awards
date: June 12th 2016
when: 8 pm EST on CBS

date: August 28th 2016

~I'll update these as new announcements come in as to hosts, dates, and times~


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