Jun 27, 2016

An Adoption Story... Or Two

As my social media followers know, the Slagle household has grown this Summer. Grown in a cute, furry, paws all over the place kind of way. My dog Minnie passed away earlier this year after a struggle with lymphoma. She was 5. Minnie was Merry's twin sister, and these were the most beautiful Australian Shepherds I had ever seen. Upon Minnie's passing, we loved on Merry a whole lot. Let me tell y'all, this girl is getting spoiled. However, there was no doubt that we could feel an emptiness in the house. 

When my mom found SQ Rescue on Facebook, she showed my siblings and I some of the beautiful dogs they had up for adoption. These poor animals had rough starts and don't deserve to just be in a foster home being showed off in hopes of adoption on Saturdays. These animals deserve loving homes. While my mom kept gravitating towards this beautiful girl, she remembered my brother's dream of beagles and hound dogs when he was younger. She also remembered that Father's Day was approaching.... So we found Boone, now most affectionately known as Snoop Snoop.

Snoop is a couch potato and a half. He will come upstairs.. only to lie around and be fawned over. If for some reason you stop petting him, this big boy puts his "mouth fat" as I call it on your knee/thigh/foot/ankle/wherever until you pet him more. He is incredibly behaved and we've had zero problems with beautiful Snoop. He's incredible photogenic, even more so when given treats, so the two of us get along just fine. He is and definitely will continue to be an amazing companion to us.

Skip ahead a couple weeks, and SQ is posting about all the new animals that have come into their rescue, and how badly they are in need of foster homes or forever homes. My mom came to me with the idea of fostering first. After further considering and discussing with my dad, we decided just to adopt.

This past Saturday, sweet sweet Tygee came into our lives. Previously named Tyee, we renamed her after Daniel Tiger (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS Kids)'s stuffed tiger. About a month or so ago, Tygee was dropped at a local animal shelter and was next up on the Euthanasia list, May 26th. Susan Bennett of SQ Rescue saved our sweet Tygee and rescued her. Her previous owners left her behind due to her being an inconvenience during their move.

We have four beautiful furry friends (and one frog) in the Slagle family pet household currently.

>> The fourth is our oldest outdoor dog, he's 13 this year, named Sparky. He's blind but still acts like a newborn puppy.

Obviously you can follow my snapchat, twitter, and instagram for more regular updates and stories about these furballs, but I put together a little adoption story video to thank Susan Bennett at SQ Rescue. She truly cares about every animal that passes through her team at SQ and it is very touching to see. She has such a heart for what she does and I admire her for that.

If you are in the Columbia area, or heck, anywhere nearby, PLEASE consider SQ Rescue. Take a minute and scroll their Facebook feed (here's the direct link to the adoptables album) ... You'll fall in love, I know I sure did. That's why I'll be attending as many of their Saturday events as I can and photographing these precious animals. So keep up with my social & SQ's for puppy overloads that will be sure to make you smile.

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