Jan 25, 2014

An OOTD: Ft. Tailored South

Hey Y'all,
I love getting packages in the mail. Especially, when it's a t-shirt! Today, I recieved my Tailored South long-sleeved t-shirt. It is in the comfort color Emerald. View the shirt in their store here! This shirt is absolutely PERFECT. 
 I really love that this shirt has a front and a back. Some t-shirts do not have a front and a back. To me, I would much rather have a shirt with a front pocket and a huge design on the back! Everything about this company is adorable. I love that they used an anchor for their logo. I love anchors! And their slogan: "Anchored in the South". Everything is just PERFECT!
 This is just an overview of the outfit. My boots are from Shoe Carnival. My leggings are from Ocean Avenue Boutique.
 Along with the adorable t-shirt, I also recieved 2 koozies. In this post I a only featuring my navy koozie with white writing, but I did recieve a white koozie with navy writing as well.
 What better way to drink water than in a mason jar AND a Tailored South koozie?
Thanks so much for reading this post! Check my instagram, Pinterest, and future blog posts for more about Tailored South. Make sure that you are following @tailoredsouth on instagram!
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  1. Oh my goodness - I love that shirt!


    1. Thanks so much Sarah for commenting! I love your blog, and I just followed it :)

  2. Hey girl! Love the t-shirt! I want one now! :)
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Yay! Check it out here!
    -XO, Briana

    1. Definitely go get one! They are so soft and cute! Thank you so much for the nomination!


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