Jan 24, 2014

Five On Friday

Hey Y'all,
I have seen some of these posts done on other blogs, and I think that they are very interesting! So basically, this week, while I was on my polyvore account, I picked out a few items that I just thought were perfect, and very interesting and cute! Ok so I'm going to get into this post, I absolutely love love love love love all of these products! 
Untitled #61

Hunter wellington boots
$66 - thehut.com

Frye boots
$220 - theoutnet.com

Burberry scarve
$485 - monnierfreres.co.uk

Item #1: Ok so, can we take a moment to just look at the amazingness of this pair of boots. These Hunter boots are PERFECT! They are just so funky and cute! I think that they would match a whole lot of outfits. They are just adorable, amazing, adorable, funky, and 100% PERFECT!!! Oh my gosh.

Item #2: These Frye boots are beautiful. Ahhh... Just gorgeous. These boots are in a whole lot of my polyvore sets. If you're following me there, you probably have seen them a lot. But I mean, seriously.. These boots are beautiful.

Item #3: This bag is a very simple and classic bag. It's very nice and it matches everything.

Item #4: This Scarf. It's expensive, so I suggest purchasing a knock off of it. I mean I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend almost $500 on a scarf. That's kind of crazy. Anyways, I feel like this scarf matches tons of outfits, and looks great for the colder months and seasons.

Item #5: Pencils! I love pencils. Most the time, anyways.. These Kate Spade pencils are adorable! They have cute little phrases on them! I just think that these pencils are perfect.

Leave a comment telling me what YOU think about these 5 items that I chose for today's post. Also, let me know if you want to see another 5 on Friday sometime in the future!

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  1. I absolutely love your picks! Those hunter wellies are so cute. Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Thanks so much Julie! Hope your weekend was fabulous! :)


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