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Hey Ya’ll,
Today’s post isn’t gonna be an outfit like all the rest of my posts have been. This post is going to be about vests! Sorry if you wanted an outfit…  But I just thought I would post something different today!
To help ya’ll think about vests and what you can wear them with. Also, to help you know where to purchase vests from if you are in need of some.

Ok so, I like how vests look, feel, fit… ect. But, I live in an area where the temperature rarely goes under 50 degrees, except for Winter… Then it rarely goes under 40 degrees. Anyways, a vest isn’t really a good fit for me right now. I wouldn’t be able to get much wear out of it. Some of you reading this, may live in the North where it does get cold and icy and you need a vest for warmth. Vests can be a good clothing item to have if you do live there. Vests don’t have to just be ugly and warm… They can be cute and warm!
5 Reasons to purchase a vest:
1.       Warmth- Sometimes it can be a little chilly and instead of wearing a jacket, a vest might be a good way to change things up
2.       Adding a pop of color- Sometimes an outfit just needs that pop of something! Your outfit, might need a vest!
3.       Layering- Some people like to layer, even when it’s not cold outide. I think it looks nice and neat, and a vest can be a good layer to add.
4.       Slip in, Slip out- Vests can be easy to take on and off, if you can’t decide if you’re warm or cold.
5.       Easy to pack- If you do traveling in the colder months,  it might be easier to pack up a vest, instead of a full coat.
Outfit Ideas:
Green and Navy

Untitled #8

Vest and a monogram

Vest and a monogram by classycathleen featuring riding boots

Places to Purchase Vests:
  • patagonia.com- they have many different types of vests to choose from. Thin and lightweight vests, or heavy and thick vests.
  • northface.com- Same as Patagonia, you can purchase thick vests or thin vests. Prices are also very similar to Patagonia.
  • J.Crew.com- They have very nice excursion vests. Not too thick but not too thin. Very nice colors and just perfect!
  • LLBean.com- Thick and very warm vests! Some of them can get pretty expensive...
  • http://www.columbia.com/- Some of these vests are thick, but some are pretty thin
  • MarleyLilly.com- Marley Lilly has some very nice monogrammed vests
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  1. I love a good vest! They are so easy to layer up and still look cute!

    P.S. I found you from your guest post on Prep on a Budget and followed you on Bloglovin' - I love your posts:)

    Belle // thelifeandtimesofbelleh.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hey Belle,
      Thanks so much for commenting and following! I appreciate a lot!


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