Feb 10, 2014

Monogramming Etiquette by The Monogrammed Miss

Hey Y'all,
This #MonogramMonday I have a special treat for y'all! Allison, from http://themonogrammedmiss.blogspot.com/, wrote a guest post for me on Monogramming Etiquette. I hope that y'all love this post as much as I do, and make sure that you check out her blog, and read some of her adorable posts! 

Hello lovelies, it’s The Monogrammed Miss! I feel honored to be guest posting for Cathleen today! Classy Cathleen was one of the very first blogs I discovered, when I started blogging for myself. I must say, she has some of the best posts!
Here is a bit about myself…
My name is Allison, I am a college student and a lover of all things preppy. I started monogramming in high school as a way to make extra cash. Now, almost five years later, monogramming has grown to become a huge passion of mine.
Today I would like to share with ya’ll a few things I’ve learned over the years about the proper way to monogram.

All my single ladies! (or not yet married)
(Ex. Jane Nicole Doe) Your initials should be written in the order FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE. Or if you want a simpler look, you could choose to use a single initial monogram. Single initials usually consist of a woman’s first name, such as “J” in the example.

If he put a ring on it! (married or soon-to-be)
(Ex. Jane Doe Smith) If you so choose to use your maiden name, the initials should be ordered FIRST, LAST, MAIDEN. If you opt out of using your maiden name, the chosen initials will be ordered FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE. Either way is completely fine as long as your initials are in the right order.

Ladies with four initials!
(Ex. Jane Nicole Doe Smith) This is where monogramming gets tricky. Yes, this is doable! The order of the initials should read FIRST, MAIDEN, LAST, MIDDLE. Most shops do not advertise this, however you can get them custom made.

Ladies with no middle name!
(Ex. Jane Doe) If you have no middle name, you may choose to have a two initial monogram. As I said above, if you contact your favorite shop they will make you a custom monogram.

Men (larger items)
(Ex. John Lucas Doe) The initials should be ordered FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST on larger items like ties and wallets. I recommend choosing a block font for monograms of this nature.

Men (smaller items)
(Ex. John Lucas Doe) On smaller items such as cuff links the last initial should be placed in the middle. I recommend going with a circular or block font.

Couples Monogram
(Ex. Ashley and James Williams) If you are giving a couples gift, or just want to personalize an item for you and yours, the order of the monogram should read WOMAN’S FIRST, MARRIED LAST, MAN’S FIRST. You may also opt for a single initial, which will be the last initial “w”.

Now that you know a bit about monogram etiquette, try yours out on this awesome “Monogram Maker” from Mark and Graham!


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