Feb 16, 2014

Q and A with Cathleen

Hey Y'all, 
So on Instagram, I asked y'all to ask me questions, so that I could write a Question and Answer post! I am just going to list out the question and answer it to the best of my ability. I hope that y'all enjoy this post:)

1. Who inspired your preppy style? {Question from +lillypulitzer ck}
One of my friends showed me a Vineyard Vines catalog, and it kind of took off from there... 

2. What is your favorite Lilly Pulitzer item? {Question from +Lauren C}
My agenda. It is in the print Let's Cha Cha, and it has my monogram on the back! 

3. What are your favorite Instagram accounts? {Question from +meghan lovelillypulitzer and +thatclassygirl_  }
@lovelillypulitzer @lillypulitzerck @stylingandprofiling2 @style_by_salli @kjp @sarahkjp @golferprep @belleoftheball45 @preppyfashionistaa and @theclassyprepxo @thatclassygirl_

4. What are your favorite J.Crew necklaces? {Question from +thatclassygirl_}
I love the classic rosette necklace. I know they don't sell it anymore, but it will always be a favorite. 

5. About how many bows do you have? {Question from +Pinkpearlsandpulitzer}
I own about 12-15 bows. I often misplace them, so I'm not quite sure how many I own. The majority of my bows are from @bowsandkites and @southernlycharmed on instagram. 

6. When did you begin your preppy style? {Question from +ThePinkandGreenPrep}
Not too long ago. Maybe early last year... Before then, I didn't care about what I wore or what I looked like as much. I guess, as I got older, I saw the fashion, and I was inspired. 

7. What are your preppy must haves? {Question from @sassysouthernbellee}
Riding boots, Sperries, nude flats, a rosette necklace, large sparkly necklace, pearls, bows, monogrammed hats, scarves... I have many others, but I don't want to write a paragraph on them right now. Look for a future post to further answer this question. 

8. What is your favorite quote? {Question from +Allison Pittman}
"I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls"
-Audrey Hepburn

9. What are your spring must haves? {Question from +Allison Pittman}
A rosette necklace, chambray shirt, infinity scarves, flats, a nice pair of sandals like Jack Rogers, and Sperries. 

10. What is your favorite pair of shoes? {Question from +Allison Pittman}
My Sperries and Riding Boots. I couldn't choose between the two :)

11. Do you always dress preppy, or do you like to dress in other styles also? {Question from +Allison Pittman}
My style is more of a casual preppy. Some days, my style will be more dressed up. I don't really go after any other distinct styles like Hipster or anything like that. 

12. Who are your favorite Instagrammers and Bloggers? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
I already answered instagrammers a couple questions ago, so my favorite bloggers...

13. When did you decide to make a a blog? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
In December 2013. I spent most of that month planning this blog, which started early last month. 

14. Who's your fashion icon? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
classygirlswearpearls.com or @sarahkjp on instagram. 

15. What's a preppy necessity? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
Spring: rosette necklaces and button ups. Summer: chino shorts. Fall: riding boots. Winter: vests and bean boots.

16. What's your favorite store? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
In my area, I don't have a J.Crew or anything like that. I enjoy shopping at Old Navy. They have basic items, and a few fun clothing pieces too!

17. What's your favorite item of clothing? {Question from @girlygirlclothes}
My chambray shirt from Old Navy. It's a very versatile top, which I love because you can wear it in many different outfits! See similar here.

18. What inspired you to start a blog? {Question from @onepreppygirl1}
Reading other blogs, and seeing how much fun they were having with it. 

19. Have you always been preppy? {Question from @onepreppygirl1}
No... I didn't really think about my style very much until a couple of years ago. 

20. When did you start being preppy? {Question from @prepster__}
I think I answered this in a previous question, but maybe early last year... Maybe earlier?

21. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like duck boots? {Question from @preppy_fashion100}
Maybe a 9.. I'm thinking about purchasing them for next year. Here in the South, I don't get tons of cold weather.. Except for this year, it snowed twice!

22. What do you do for fun outside of blogging/school/work? {Question from @darlingprepster}
I hike. Each weekend, my family and I head out and either hike or geocache or do something active at the state parks! 

23. What is your favorite clothing item or accessory? {Question from @brianalaurenbela}
My Chambray top and my super sparkly necklace from http://a-modern-boutique.myshopify.com/. I don't think that they still sell the necklace I have, but here is a similar one. 

24. What do you think is a must-have for all preppy people? {Question from @amandamurray_}
Button Ups, Button downs, or oxford shirts... Whatever you call them, I think they're must haves. 

25. If you could only wear one Lilly Print for the rest of your life, what print would it be? {Question from @akstepaniak} 
First Impressions. It is my absolute favorite Lilly Pulitzer print EVER. 

26. Where do you want to go to university? {Question from @vocabdaily}
Maybe University of South Carolina... It has a very nice campus, and it's a huge school. I'm not really sure..

27. Future Career? {Question from @vocabdaily}
I know I want to be some kind of teacher. Either a Special Education elementary teacher, or some other kind of teacher. 

28. How tall are you? {Question from @hannieannah}
I am 5 foot 4 inches

29. Favorite Brand? {Question from @mintandmonograms}
I don't have one! Almost every day I find another online store or company that I love! If you read some of my blog posts or see who I'm following on instagram, then you can probably figure out who I'm loving currently..

30. Favorite Lilly Pulitzer print? {Question from @ecgrenci}
First Impressions

31. Name one reason why blogging is so much fun. {Question from @lydia_katherine}
I get to share my thoughts and ideas.. with whoever will read them!

32. Why did you start blogging? {Question from @lydia_katherine}
As a creative outlet, and a way for me to have fun and share my thoughts with people. I also get to share my interests and have just a special little place on the internet!

33. Favorite color? {Question from @allprepinmystep}
Purple and/or Navy blue. It depends on the day. 

34: Favorite dessert? {Question from @allprepinmystep}
There is a place in the upstate of SC called Palmetto Sweets and Company, and they have the best Strawberry Cake EVER. 

35. Favorite Ice Cream flavor? {Question from @allprepinmystep}
I love Blue Bell's Cookie dough flavor, but my absolute favorite would have to be Blue Bell's Mint Chocolate Chip... Or Strawberry... I like ice cream just in general!

Thanks to everyone who asked me questions via Instagram. I enjoyed answering them:)

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