Feb 16, 2014


Can we just take a minute... Just look at that gorgeous tortoise shell.... I don't know what it is, but I love this pattern/print/whatever.. 

Isn't it beautiful? I mean how could you not love this! I love the tortoise shell print and I just think it's a great print for jewelry and other accessories. 

Monogrammed Tortoiseshell Wayfarers... How absolutely lovely are these sunglasses. These sunglasses are perfect for any season, and I'm pretty positive that they will match just about everything... 

Michael Kors Tortoise-Shell Watch: A little pricey, but can I just say that this watch is stunning. If you aren't as big of a fan of the tortoise shell pattern, then I wouldn't reccomend spending this amount for a watch. If you are like me, and really enjoy tortoise shell... I reccomend it. 

Anne Klein Tortoise-Shell Watch: If you're not a fan of the prices on the Michael Kors watch, I suggest this watch! This watch is priced under $50. 

Yet another monogrammed tortoise shell item... I'm pretty sure that y'all are familiar with acrylic monogram necklaces. The acrylic necklaces typically come in all different colors. I have never seen the acrylic necklaces in tortoise shell before now.  

And another monogrammed tortoise shell item... This bracelet is from Shiloh Valley Designs on Etsy. I love this! Usually you see the the monogram bracelets in gold and silver and rose gold, but I've never seen the bracelet with an acrylic monogram, and especially never in tortoise shell! 

I have seen chain bracelets similar to this in gold, but I have never seen a tortoise shell version. I feel like this bracelet would be perfect when it comes to jewelry stacking. 

This necklace style was originally a J.Crew necklace. This "inspired" necklace is by gaga jewelry on Etsy. 

Ok so if you don't know, Design Darling {The blog} has an online boutique too! I found this set of 3 tortoise shell bracelets on her boutique website. 
Also on Design Darling's Boutique, there was this bracelet. I think that this bracelet would be perfect with jewelry stacking. 

So.. After reading this post, you can probably tell that I love the tortoise shell pattern. A tortoise shell bracelet or watch matches just about any outfit, and looks great with other bracelets when it comes to stacking.

What's your favorite tortoise shell item?

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