Mar 11, 2014

Flip flops and Floral skirts

Hey Y'all,
It is so warm here in South Carolina. Like really warm. Technically, it's still Winter. That's what I can't believe... How is it Winter and 79 degrees?

Anyways.. I decided to dress up a little bit. I'm still very confused after the time change occurred. When I get home in the evenings, it's still light outside! This has just been an off week so far. But despite my confusion, I decided to dress up for this warm day. 

The great thing about living in the South, is that you can wear your Rainbows with anything at anytime. People down here wear Rainbows with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts... You name it! I was going to wear my nude flats today, but instead I went with my Rainbows. 

Skirt- Old Navy {old}
Top- Target {similar} 
Shoes: Rainbows {click here}

That's about it for today... 

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