Mar 14, 2014

Staple Saturday

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Hey Y'all,
Happy Saturday! I'm so happy it's the weekend... If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I'm in the mountains this weekend. There will be pictures for y'all when I get back:) 

Today's Staple is a York Design Co needlepoint cuff. I wrote a review on these cuffs, a couple weeks ago. I have the "happy hour" cuff and it is absolutely adorable. Needlepoint cuffs are just the perfect thing to add to your armcandy, outfit.. Whatever! Link

The needlepoint cuffs that are sold on York Design Co's website are in every color and pattern that you can think of. Alligators, elephants, pearls, and many other designs. Another choice that you have for these cuffs is monogrammed! You can get a monogrammed needlepoint cuff. That's right y'all! Monogrammed needlepoint cuffs! 

I love how these cuffs look in outfits. Since these cuffs are so fun, you could style them with a plain outfit, and it would still be dressed up and cute! I defenitly think that these needlepoint cuffs are perfect and all y'all need to go get one:) 

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