Apr 6, 2015

A look inside Brookgreen Gardens

My Spring Break was last week, and this year my family and I vacationed (only a few hours a way from home) in Myrtle Beach, SC. Overall my vacation was amazing... So relaxing and just so good to have a break off from school. I'll show more pictures later (I have an Instagram update scheduled).. but for now, I want to show you a look inside Brookgreen Gardens. We spent a day just exploring the gardens because there is no way you could ever be bored. There is so much to do! Storybook garden filled with houses from your favorite children's stories, a sensory trail for kids, a HUGE statue garden, a zoo... just so much to do. Here's a look inside the gardens from me and my camera... but P.S. Get ready for like a major photo overload

so many birds... so, so, soooo many birds. 

How adorable are these otters?? I loved watching them play. 

Okay I mentioned the story book houses earlier in this post. Basically a bunch of builders came together to construct these houses from fairy tales. I fell in love with it! I felt like a little kid again walking around these little houses...

7 little hooks for 7 little men

one little two little three little indians four little five little six little indians seven little eight little nine little indians....

Rapunzel Rapunzel...

I think I can I think I can

Here's the sensory trail I mentioned earlier

See the little cage in the back? Y'all be careful.. Children are on the menu!

Please tell me y'all know about the Hispaniola from Treasure Island

Dr Seuss makes me a better person

Beautiful, right? I love Brookgreen Gardens so much... If you're ever going to Myrtle Beach, make sure you go to visit the Gardens! I loved my visit, and I think you would love it too:) Check out their site here. 

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