Apr 22, 2015

Carde Blanche

On Saturday, I was sore as heck from my huge workout on Friday.. What does this have to do with stationery you might ask? Hang tight.. And my mom just kept telling me that if I continued to walk, my legs would feel better. She suggested that for starters, I go get the mail. I walked down the driveway... slowly, but surely... and was so excited to see a white box addressed to me from Carde Blanche! It came right when I needed a day-brightener.. Little did I know just how bright this package would be! As you can see from the photo above and my instagram photo the bright orange tissue paper wrapped around my beautiful stationery. On top of the fabulous, orange wrapping was this gold dots tape with my initials on stickers on top! How could you not smile at opening this package???

As soon as I had read the letter from Lori (because my momma taught me to ALWAYS read the cards before opening) I tore right into the package. My sister said my face lit up after I pulled out the perfectly packaged stationery! 

But wait y'all, there's more! These little perfect rolls of washi tape! So beautiful... I haven't used it yet, but I cannot wait to do some envelope decorating with it! Here's one of the patterns...

This photo turned out a LOT lighter than the others hahaha, but HOW CUTE are these tapes??
And all of them together... I'm LOVING the gold arrow tape! 

I'm familiar with Poppin, and I love all of their products. Seeing this bright pink pen, only added to my excitement and joy. 

Here's one of the stationery sets I received from Lori! #oops the "Hello" got cut off of the paper.... But I'm still loving all these fun colors for Spring!

Gold? Mhmmm... I think yes. 

NOW, this set is my most favorite out of the ones I received. How beautiful are these cards? Not only are the outfits on point, but the drawings are just perfect! They also great style inspiration... I've been trying to choose my favorite outfit, and I just can't! What's your favorite?

Also, a Le Pen? A blue Le Pen? Oh my goodness.. Lori, you know me so well! I have a slight obsession over writing in blue pen. 

And, another look at the gold, initial stationery set!

Basically, in conclusion... Carde Blanche's products are amazing, and I am obsessed. But honestly, how could you not be obsessed with their site?! Succulents cards, Neon, Scallops, Gel pens, Le Pens, Sealing wax... It's beautiful. Also, if you can't make your mind up as to which cards to purchase.. Choose the grab bag! The products are very nicely packed, and my cards weren't bent or damaged in the smallest way. I was VERY impressed, and will definitely be placing an order from them in the future for more stationery. 

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