May 23, 2015

An Author for a Momma

Well, from the title of this post I'm sure you can assume what I'm about to freak out about..........

MY MOM IS AN AUTHOR! A real-live, published, about to send a copy of the book off to the Library of Congress author!! I couldn't be more proud of my amazing momma, and all of her accomplishments, but this book.. It's amazing! 

So... What's the book about? 

I live in the small but great state of South Carolina, and am blessed to have 47 awesome state parks all withing 4 hours of my house. A couple years ago the state parks announced a challenge: Become an Ultimate Outsider. In order to become an "Ultimate Outsider" one must first visit every SC state park. My mom found out about the challenge and immediately decided that our family of 6 was going to head out and get it done. So that's what we did. Read along as we travel the state, park after park, experience after experience, and become The First Family of Ultimate Outsiders.

From the pictures at the beginning of this post it should be obvious that there is never a dull moment at the SC state parks. From historical sites to historical homes, cabins to long hikes in the woods, and from lakes to the beach, South Carolina has it all.

The book is titled The First Family of Ultimate Outsiders: beyond Autism, ADHD, Apples, and Angst. 

Here's the summary on the back cover:

I stared at the stupid screens growing out of my children’s hands and reflecting off of their beautiful faces. I watched the process of the deepening hypnosis. There isn’t a loving parent who hasn’t envisioned hurtling an i-device through the window and into the path of an oncoming train. I WANTED MY CHILDREN BACK !!! But how? How can a mother woo her dear ones back from the world of apples, droids and galaxies? It is at the moment of deepest desperation that we humans remember what is most dear and basic. I remembered the trails. We set a goal. We would, as a part of the South Carolina Ultimate Outsider Program, explore every state park in South Carolina. The parks had just launched a challenge for people to tour each park in the system – all 47. At journey’s end, the explorers would be bequeathed the title of “Ultimate Outsider”! The cool title alone would have been worth the trek. Curious. Accept the Ultimate Outsider Challenge and welcome my children back into the intimacy of family. I had had enough of being cast out of my children’s experiences in favor of fickle technology. I laid out the task. We, as a family, were ready to become Ultimate Outsiders.

Hooked yet? If you're interested in purchasing.. Check out the book on Amazon!  Have a Kindle or use the Kindle app? You can purchase via Kindle for $2.99 RIGHT NOW through the 26th! Otherwise, you can order a paper back copy for $19.95. 

Be sure to let me know if you order.. I'm mentioned throughout the book as "Wetfoot" by the way.. more stories in the book. 

I know this isn't the typical post, but come on! My mom's an author now! How could I not share?!

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