Jun 23, 2015

Behind The Instagram

Jamie is probably the most creative person I know here in the blogging world. Last week, she put together Instagram Week on The Fashion Newcomer, and I really enjoyed reading the posts. Any blogger knows what really goes into taking a good or even mediocre instagram snapshot... A really good one? The stories can be quite entertaining. So anyways, Jamie wrote this great post showcasing the photos that never quite made it to her Instagram.. and she tagged me to share some with y'all! Do you even know how hard this was, Jamie? If you follow me on Instagram.. you know I post a lot. I'm constantly looking for things around me that are at least somewhat Instagram worthy. I really had to dig around for some of these photos. Well, I say that.. and somehow I found a fair amount that I've never published.. probably because I get attached to my photos. So here we go.. Never Published Instagrams of Classy Cathleen

I took this photo at Brookgreen gardens, and I was insanely proud with how it turned out. These are some of my favorite birds, but he just seemed a little too intimidating to share on my Instagram. Like check those eyes.. pretty creepy huh. Keep an eye out though, he might get his big break on instagram sooner or later.
How beyond awful is this photo. I'm so embarrassed. The colors s-u-c-k SUCK and I don't think there's any way to edit or re create the photograph. Also, it's blurry. I'm one of those people that never deletes any photos off their phone.. but if I could delete a photo, it would be this one.

This little guy hasn't made his debut on my Instagram yet... but he will eventually. I think. I'm not 100% obsessed with it, but keep an eye out. When I tried to capture this, I couldn't focus my camera because they kept popping up and down in the water.. Like whack-a-mole actually. Just with otters. 

Throwback to Spring Break... When our first morning was 30 degrees out on the beach. Outfit includes a tanktop, t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, and raincoat (because it was the only thing still big enough to hold all the under layers). Also (how could I forget) two pairs of leggings (both fleece lined and regular), and two pairs of socks inside of my Ugg style boots. My nose was probably the color of a tomato, but dang-it I was gonna get out there and photograph the gorgeous sunrise. AND I DID. My mom snapped this of me (along with many others) as I stopped to take photos. 
One of our Spring break days, I was lying out in the sun.. and realized that the sand covering my hands was looking super tumblr-y. So I snapped one of my hand, and Sarah helped me caption it something clever. I'll show another pic in a sec that I was gonna post.. but the full hand just seemed better. ANYWAYS, I was gonna post a classic beach picture y'know where you have your toes in the water ass in the sand... And I did that! But doesn't it look so plain? 

So I covered my leg in sand, and the couple next to me looked at me with a really strange look. But whatever! I love how it came out, and the one above made it to the Instagram.

These were right outside of the cabin we were staying in all Spring Break and I was gonna post it.. but I honestly have no idea why I didn't. Maybe the lighting? It might make it later on. 

I loved this little part of the trail between the old canal locks, and I got a picture of that too, but I found a snail and got all excited that I dropped it twice, and so I decided I owed it an Instagram debut which never happened #oops.

I ALWAYS (well not always, but most the time) post photos of what I'm eating. and I was gonna post this, and honestly I have no idea why I didn't. Probably because it's so covered in cheese you can't tell what the heck it is. 

I love raspberries. But I hate photographing them. They're such a pretty color, but whenever I try to capture that color it turns ugly! This was one of my parent's anniversary cakes I think? I don't know, but it came out ugly.

My toes looked awkward. So yeah, no Instagram for you.

I accidentally posted a throwback Thursday with this picture on a Friday (It was exam week, gimme a break) and never posted it again.. It'll come back later I promise! Shoutout to the lil bro and sis for building a pretty cool sand castle.

See the royal blue? Look around the pink wedge... See the white hair at the top? Yeah this lady was judging. It was like the first or second days of Spring, and I was gonna edit this all nice and line it up better, but this lady was right there and it really bothered me and messed up the picture.

I took this to show y'all what I do when I go to Walmart. Even at night. I take pictures of all the flowers. ALL OF THEM. I captured this because all the hoses and metal in the background shows the reality of the photo. It's never gonna make it to the Instagram, but I still thought it was fun to show. 

Y'know those barrels filled with dry snacks or oats or cereal at the grocery store? Well I found one filled with pistachios, and something inside me told me to lift up the lid, take out the scoop, and take a photo of the pistachios. Why? I have no idea. If I was the type of person that gives a flip about aesthetic, I would never post this. But I'm not, so this might make a debut at some point.

Holy yum and holy blur! It was national donut day (if you remember I was in the mountains and the Instagram takeover was underway) and I was begging for donuts. Then I moved on to these yummy croissants, and I still got denied and the photo came out horrible so I just decided to give up. Until we got to the watermelons.

funny story- we forgot the graham crackers at the store.. and from Oconee it's like a 20 minute drive there and back, and so my clever dad decided to make his own graham crackers! I never posted because the lighting, and I had to use flash.. but I had to share it at some point!

There might be another part to this eventually. I honestly don't know. I'm too focused on the now and jamming out to Gavin Degraw right now so bye y'all




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