Jun 19, 2015


It's that time of the week again..... HAPPY FRIYAY! 

Design Love Fest's Dress Your Tech - I'm obsessed. In search of a new background for your phone or laptop? Go here. Right now. All of my backgrounds that I have ever had on my phone or laptop are from these incredible artists and designers.

TFN Instagram series - I spend way too much time on my Instagram account.. taking photos, planning, editing, so much time and attention. Honestly, it's kinda sad. Jamie explains exactly what I go through when I take photos for Instagram, and stay tuned for a post from me with some snaps that never quite made it to Instagram. 

Krista of Covering the Bases had like the most perfect trip to Nantucket. I follow along with her on snapchat and instagram and I was obsessing over all of her photos as she went around the island.

Kale, Avocado, and grapefruit dip // This week on PopCosmo, this recipe was shared and I'm dying to make it. It sounds so delicious!

Celebrity Big Brother. OMG. I didn't know it existed because I only keep up with BB in the US and not in Australia or the UK, but holy crap. I'm watching the whole season on YouTube right now, and it's seriously only adding to my excitement for this season of Big Brother. Also can I just say, it makes my heart so freaking happy that Nicole and Hayden are still together. It's adorable. 

Michaela aka Mom went to a Kendra Scott hosted dinner up in Chicago, yesterday. How incredible?! 

No denying it, i'm a quinoa lover. This post: "32 Ways to Eat Quinoa and Succeed in Life" made me so happy, and I'm totally making some of these ASAP. Like hello! Quinoa, coconut, and almond breakfast cakes GET IN MY BELLY NOW

Ashlee recently directed me to Piko Shirts when I was searching all over the internet for "a perfect, classic, simple, solid colored, tunic dress". She hit the jackpot all right! I chose an army green color and half sleeves, and I CANNOT WAIT until it comes in!

I've been hitting up Pinterest lately for some good books to read.. recommendations, blog posts, and such... and here's a few of the posts I found! 

Homegirl Rachel of Seashells + Sparkles had a fab post up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I read all of them and they're perf. GO check out her blog y'all she's amazing. 

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