Jul 2, 2015

To My Non-Blogging Friends:

I've been blessed with some REALLY  great friends.. both through blogging and in real life. However.. there are certain things that are harder for my non blogging friends to understand. Like a lot of things actually. Scarlett, the genius that she is, came up with an AMAZING idea for a post.. Sadly I was a couple days late for my quote to get in the post, but I still definitely want to share this on my blog! So hey all my friends that don't blog... Listen up!

What I wish my non-blogging friends knew about blogging in general

-BLOGGING IS HARD: I can't just throw up a post. I can't just get pictures from Pinterest, and copy- paste them into a blank post, write a few words, and post. THAT'S NOT HOW BLOGGING WORKS.

-If I feature you on the blog: If you get mentioned or quoted in a post... It's a big deal. 

-GRAMMAR: I hate bad grammar, bad punctuation, and spelling issues!! When you're blessed with spell check and the power of the internet when constructing your sentences.. why do they suck? It matters, okay? Sentence structure and spelling MATTERS.

-Time: I put so much time into this little site I can't even begin to explain to you. I write, I take photos, I stay social, EVERYTHING! Blogging is my business basically. It's my brand, and it just so happens that I am the face of it. If I have to pass on a football game or soccer game or hanging out after school, trust me, I don't want to miss out on the fun. I just have to get a post up and ready for the next day and take care of my social accounts. 

-HTML: Not just for nerds. I freaking love HTML. Just thought you should know! 

What I wish my non-blogging friends knew about social media

-Maintaining an on-point Pinterest is tough: When friends see my Pinterest and realize I have over 3000 followers they automatically think I'm famous. I'm not. I just put HOURS into keeping my Pinterest as perfect as possible. I get so many comments on how beautiful my Pinterest is, and I'm slightly obsessed with keeping it on point. 

-Instagram: LET ME JUST SAY, If you bring a really cute container filled with fruit or something, you better wait for me to get good lighting and a good shot before you can eat it. If we're getting ice cream, let me take a picture of yours too. Don't ask questions. AND YES I ALWAYS HAVE TO EDIT MY PHOTOS. 

-Tweeting links: As my friends, you are basically obligated to click on any link I tweet out. It's like an unofficial unwritten rule. And don't judge me for saying #obsessed way too many times. It's a problem I know.

-Retweets: If I'm #obsessing over a particular brand one day on Twitter, and they RETWEET me.... BE HAPPY FOR ME!! IT'S THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST WHEN SOLE SOCIETY OR NORDSTROM RETWEETS YOU. 

-Keeping up a Facebook page: If you're not a blogger, the concept of why you need a Facebook page might me a little tough for you to understand. Even though I suck at keeping up with it, I still have to have it so don't judge too hard if I'm checking FB in class.

-Hashtags are insanely important- Even #obsessed or #inlove are still super important! And all those annoying tags for likes ACTUALLY HELP!

-Follower Numbers: I WORK MY BUTT OFF to get the number of followers on social media that I do. I don't just post a picture of ice cream and get 500 followers and 10000 likes. I WORK for my followers.

-Yes it is totally necessary for me to post 15 pictures in one day. Don't get all whatever with me about that! 

What I wish my non-blogging friends knew about life in general

-Grocery Shopping: I totally have to take photos of the pineapples, lemons, and limes in the grocery store. So don't comment on my pictures about it! Also, some of my flower pictures do come from the outdoors part of Walmart or the bouquets and BiLo.

-Trader Joe's is not just a grocery store, it's a lifestyle: YES I DO have to post a photo of everything in Trader Joe's. And I have to buy a plant EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO

-I'm a plant momma: I love plants, and I love having my little babies in my window. I water them, feed them, and sing to them (you know the carbon dioxide stuff). And of course succulents are one of my biggest obsessions. 

When we're shopping, I will take pictures of everything. Just letting you know. Oh, and if we get lunch? Please at least wear a classic gold watch. And we need to order croissants if they have them. And get dessert. 

-My blogging "friends" as you call them, are some of the most incredible people in this world. You wouldn't get it. And no watching a movie with you, is not the same AT ALL as watching a movie with Michaela.

-When I wear sweats or dress lazy... DO NOT TELL ME THAT'S NOT SOMETHING CLASSY CATHLEEN WOULD DO. It actually is totally something I would do because I was most likely up late blogging and not willing to put in the effort of getting completely dressed up this morning. 

Also, just wanted to let you guys know that I really, truly do appreciate all that y'all do for me. You really try your best to understand how important a new blog design is and taking a perfect photoshoot.. And I really love you for trying to understand!

So bloggers, what do you wish your non-blogging friends knew and understood about blogging?

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