Oct 27, 2015

Nivens Farm Fun

Over the weekend, my family and I visited Nivens Apple Farm. My parents are still trying to figure me out.. and what it means to be the parents of a blogger. Apparently it means $35 worth of pumpkins and taking pictures in a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. I didn't get all the blog worthy pictures I was hoping for, and if you follow me on Instagram (@classycathleen is the name go hit me up on the gram y'all) you already got a pretty big preview for this post... But who would I be if I didn't blog about my trip to Nivens? But also I'm pretty upset because we found this incredible farm, and they're retiring next year.. But that's okay we had a great time eating incredible apple fritters that tasted almost exactly like donuts and picking the perfect pumpkin (which does exist because I found it) at the patch.

I posted the above on Instagram right before we got in the car and headed up to Nivens. Camera on my shoulder.. obviously, and a hunter green sweater which thanks to VSCO looks more navy than green.  

So we walk in and I hear a cow and a goat and chickens and my happiness level shot through the roof. I just love farm animals so so much. 

Ignore the portapotties and parking lot, but I'm obsessed with this place

There were so many hidden pumpkins everywhere, and I was just having a great time

excuse Jonathan's slightly crazed eyes.. 

I've talked about Isaac multiple times.. He has some pretty severe autism going on, but he's still a 16 year old boy, and these facial expressions stay the same even with the autism. 

They had baby chicks.. I about died from their cuteness

and I don't know why this is here.. I just thought they were really pretty tomatoes I guess......

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