Mar 16, 2016

Pop of GREEN // St. Patty's Outfit Ideas

I don't really celebrate St Patrick's Day all that much... Like half the time I don't even wear green. To me, there's not really anything to do for this holiday. And if it's not obvious enough, I've been struggling with some blogging block lately. There is just this wall up in my mind that is keeping me from writing, what I would call, a successful blog post. I've started and scrapped about 35 different posts lately, and this rut is pretty hard to climb out of... BUT ANYWAYS, you're not here to hear me (read.. whatever) go on and on about my struggles and how I can't write. You're here to read about Saint Patrick's Day and see some of my outfit ideas that I have put together!

o n e // 

I dug in the depths of my closet to find this old, light green, Lauren Ralph Lauren cableknit. I actually think it's my mom's and just got misplaced in my closet, because I really don't wear any, if at all, of this shade of green. I much prefer darker greens as you will see later in this post. This is a pretty basic and simple look, a cableknit with jeans and Jacks. Perfectly casual for a school day!

t w o // 

You can see what these pants look like on here... And if you want to see, here's an old, embarrasing "shoot" with this amazing tanktop... Anyways, I absolutely love this tanktop, and these pants are just so comfortable and the perfect shade of green, for me anyways. I probably would also pair these with a denim jacket, but mine is currently in the laundry so... yeah. 

t h r e e // 

If the weather is already kinda warm out like it is here in South Carolina,  even though it's not technically Spring, this is a simple and easy pair for warm weather. Green chinos and either a printed button down just for fun, or a simple white button down paired with a green necklace. I actually wore something similar to this last year for Saint Patrick's Day!

I hope these outfits, that I laid out and tried my hand at flat lay fashion around like 2 AM... Maybe it was the time, or maybe my lack of talent as to why these did not come out so great, but hey I tried. Here's to hopefully tearing down this wall in my mind so I can make more and better posts here on Classy Cathleen. 

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