Jan 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Hey Y'all,
I liked writing last week's Five on Friday post, so I decided to write a second one!

1. Bearpaw boots: I have a pair very similar to the one's in this picture. I love them. They keep your feet very very warm. Since I did have a snow day a few days ago, I wore them a lot. They have a lot of fur on the inside, and are a little cheaper than Ugg boots.

2.Camp Socks: I don't own  a pair of J.Crew Camp Socks, but I do own similar pairs. These socks keep you very warm, and are perfect for snow days.

3. Tassel Necklace: This Stella and Dot necklace is perfect! I don't know why, but I just love the look of this necklace.

4. This Michael Kors watch is beautiful. Because it is tortoise shell, this watch will match many outfits. It just has a beautiful look to it.

5. Bow Belt: Not only is this belt cute, but it's from Target! Target's stuff is usually very cheap. I just love the look of this belt!

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