Apr 1, 2015

DIY Tassel Bracelets with Sarah (Giveaway)

A very special "Happy April" post for today! Y'all remember Sarah from the most recent "Tuesday Talks"? Well, she's here today with a super fun DIY (and giveaway!) with these adorable tassel bracelets. The tassel trend was one of my favorites last year and I was so sad when it died off in the Fall & Winter months. But guess what, It's back! WHOOOO! As soon as I get off of Spring Break I'm gonna run on over to Hobby Lobby and find some supplies to make these myself! I'm in love, and it's just such a simple DIY project! Let me know what you think in a comment.. But only after you've entered in the giveaway haha!

Tassels are super trendy this spring, and today I am going to show you how to make your own tassel bracelet! It is not only simple and easy, but also cheap. It took me about 20 minutes to make the first one, but only about 5 to make the others once I got the hang of it. 

Here is what you are going to need:
A good pair of scissors (mine were not very sharp)
Pliers ( I got mine for $7 at hobby lobby)
Stretchy clear cord for the bracelet
Thin wire (I chose gold)
Beads (I found they were much cheaper at Hobby Lobby then Michaels)
Embroidery thread, each pack makes one bracelet
A card to wrap your thread around
Gold jewelry crimps

1. Cut off about 1 1/2 feet of the thread and fold it in half twice. Now cut off about 1-2 inches of the wire and make a small circle big enough for the thread to fit though and twist it off with your pliers. Now thread your folded thread though your circle and leave it in the middle, and set aside.

2. Take the rest of your thread and wrap it tightly around your cord and then cut at one end. Now tie the thread you set aside in the middle with your little metal circle on top.

3. Now hold down your threads to create the tassel, and then wrap some of the wire around it tightly and then twist off with your pliers. Take your sharp scissors and trim your tassel.

4. The hard part is over now, thread your beads onto your plastic cord, thread both sides of the cord though a crimp and then the tassel, see picture above, and then crimp them down with your pliers to keep your bracelet together.

Enter in below to win TWO tassel bracelets !!!
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