Jun 9, 2015

Oconee Recap

For those of you following along with me on Instagram, you know that last Thursday - Sunday I had a pretty awesome Instagram takeover by some of my bestest blogging friends! It was everything I asked for and more, and I seriously was blown away. Thanks ladies so so much:) But anyways, while they were taking over I was riding around on a big red canoe around the lake at Oconee State Park. We always end up staying in one of the CCC original cabins at the State Park, and I love it so much. So... Here's some more photos, and here's what happened!

The folks in the cabin next door, cabin 6, had rented the only red canoe that Oconee has. I was jealous. I saw it pulled up on the bank, and I just wanted it soooo bad. At the time, we had rented a Jon boat just for fishing and to go on little ride-a-rounds. On Saturday, the folks in 6 checked out. Jonathan and I paddled as fast as we could over to the office to go switch out the boats, and bring this beautiful, red canoe home. 

As an early birthday present, I got a hammock that I can use when we go out camping or at a cabin or anything. I absolutely love it. It's purple and blue and has plenty of extra space to move around in. It was actually a groupon find!

Briefly recapping: On Friday night we went to Oconee's square dance. I'm not much of a dancer except for you know, when I'm by myself.. but it was super fun to watch! Earlier on Friday we surprised my mom by throwing a little anniversary party for her and my dad in the back room with some rangers and park staff. She absolutely loved it! Saturday we went to visit some friends. Faith, who has some profound special needs going on. We had some super yummy chicken, zucchini, and corn on the cob followed by s'mores and frozen yogurt. If you follow along with me on snapchat, then you know about Cupcake the poodle. Also, their house has the most perfect decorations. Like it's all beach-y themed and I love it.. check out their bathroom in the photo below!

 My dad caught a few small fish..

And the flowers blooming up there right now are INCREDIBLE! The tiger lilies, the silver bells, the mountain laurel (I think that's what it's called). They're just way too beautiful.

So I always end up in the back of the canoe which kinda sucks. I have to steer while my brother rows, but for photo opportunity sakes.. I wish I could sit in the front haha

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots of Oconee. I had a great time, and look forward to more posts about the SC State Parks from me as I travel around this Summer! 

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