Jul 29, 2016

Southern Socialite + Seatbelts

My instagram pals know about Christmas in July, #CarlyCathCmas, that I've been co-hosting with the incredible Carly (Cinci Prep). In short, we partnered with some great companies to show our appreciation for our followers' support in a series of giveaways throughout the entire month of July. Charlie Southern was just one of the many companies we were privileged enough to collaborate with. My "Southern Socialite" tee is incredibly comfortable and I've worn it some ridiculous number of times after receiving it in the mail. To celebrate another Friday and another Weekend, I thought I might share this uber casual look with y'all! It's been FOREVER and 5 years since I've shared an outfit post here on Classy Cathleen... Shout out to the little sis for her camera skills... she may have learned a little something from her older sister...

*bag appreciation moment for this bucket bag by Harveys! For those that have never heard of Harveys... It's a handbag company based in Southern California. A couple, Dana and Melanie Harvey were restoring a classic car, and Dana got the idea to create a handbag out of the leftover seatbelts. Not only does Harveys sell an incredible variety of clutches, wallets, crossbodies, weekenders, totes, and bucket bags in classic colors, they also have a collection in collaboration with Disney! The prices are comparable to those of other leading handbag brands, however, I would much rather spend money on a bag made of quality, that is sturdy, and unique.

My mom and I discovered this company when we were visiting Disney World. The aforementioned Disney collection was what led us to love the company as a whole. My mom first purchased a bag printed with minnie mouse and a matching red wallet a few years back from the Emporium in Magic Kingdom. She hasn't purchased another wallet or bag from any other brand since discovering Harveys. She now uses one of their, now not available, Berkeley backpacks while I use a classic indigo blue park hopper bucket bag. These bags are American made as well as unique and durable. Pretty much perfect if you ask me!

See below for my favs from Harveys:

To see more, visit the Harveys website here

Are you a "Southern Socialite" too?  Shop the tee here

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