May 5, 2015

Goals (Update)

It's May... Goodness gracious! Where did my freshman year go? I'ts almost Summer, and it's just crazy how fast this school year has gone past! So anyways, if you're new here, you probably don't know about my monthly goal update posts here on Classy Cathleen. If you've been hanging out and following along for awhile, well another month has past so it's time for an update! 

Here were my original goals for 2015:

Smile more 
~ Quality over Quantity (in everything. not just blogging)
~ Work on my handwriting (because mine sucks) 
~ Stay active on social media (yet another thing I suck at. unless we're talking about Pinterest...)
~ Build a loyal Classy Cathleen following (I would really love to find new readers this year!)
~ Instagram more (and another thing I'm awful at. It's a miracle if I post more than once a month.)
~ Continue to practice photography skills (I love photography, so I obviously want to get better)
~ Fix up old posts to make them the best they can be (some of my posts when I first started out were not good at all.... so I want to fix them up, and republish them out their on the web!)
~ Write more letters (snail mail is becoming a lost art, and I am determined to help to bring it back)

Smile More: I've been smiling a lot lately.. On the inside and out. I've been trying to be much more appreciative and being nice to everyone. If that sounded fake at all.. I swear I'm not fake, I've seriously been trying to thank everyone and be kind whenever I can.

Quality over Quantity: Well, I haven't been blogging as much as many other bloggers out there, but when I do publish a post I try to spend time on it and really put thought into it. With school stuff I've tried to spend more time on my work and focus on totally completing the project fully instead of half way doing it. With exams coming up soon I've already started studying a month and a half in advance so that I'm prepared for the tests. I guess that goes with quality over quantity? I don't know.. 

Work on my handwriting: As I've been creating study guides, I've tried to practice a little. 

Stay active on social media: I've been doing a decently good job at staying active. My Instagram and Twitter have been pretty good so far in my opinion... I've kept up Polyvore, oh and Pinterest-duh, also I've kept up my Snapchat story for anyone who wants to follow along! And let's not even talk about my facebook page... I can't update that silly thing to save my life. 

A Loyal Following: Well, I told some of my friends about my blog these past few weeks... Love all y'all by the way! Thanks so much for joining me along my blogging journey :) And any new lovelies that have started following me.. Y'all are the best! 

Instagram More: Oh yeah, I got this. 11 posts (on average) a week! Also, I've gotten to the point where I'm super proud of my feed. I love taking photos for my account, and sharing them with my followers.. 

Photography: Our latest assignment was architecture.. and I think it went well enough! I've learned so much about the dark room and black and white photography. It's really been a ton of fun!

*skipping over fixing up old posts because it'll be better just to start that over the summer. 

Write more letters: YES I've been doing great at this! I've sent quite a few letters to so many great girls over the past little bit, it's been great! Shout out to those lovelies: Y'all have been so great to get to know, and look out for another letter coming your way soon! 

OTHER Goals:
-Finish another book: I'm thinking Girl Boss or maybe one of the others on my Pinterest board or my Reading List.
-Continue with my handwriting: I think my first attempt worked out, so I really just want to give it another go, and maybe write some full sentences in fun fonts!
-Have some more bloggers I know interviewed for my new Tuesday Talks. 
-Get my science grade up to a B?
-Purchase some new fun, Spring pieces!
-Continue to stay active on Instagram
-Keep up with my Cooking with Cathleen posts and share one or so a week

Yep. Nope. I didn't finish the Girl Boss book (actually I never started), but I did read another book.. This Is What Happy Looks Like which was super cute! I read it for a breakfast book club that my friends Courtney and Madeline started up. A review possibly on that later? I don't know.. Stay tuned.

I need to get more bloggers up on here for Tuesday Talks- Y'all email me if you would be interested! 

Science grade is currently a 91!!! Y'all that's a B! 

I just had a new Cooking With Cathleen go live yesterday, so hopefully you'll be seeing more of those from me soon :)

So if you made it this far, good for you! You now know a lot about me and my life lately and my accomplishments. April was an amazing month, so here's to an even more amazing May! 

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