Jun 3, 2015

Semester Reflections

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I Lived by OneRepublic pops into my mind when thinking of my freshman year in high school. Which is weird.. most high school and college graduates (that I know anyways) have been quoting that song everywhere. I think it's in my head a) because it's an amazing song, and b) because I did so much this year. It's been incredible. Older friends told me last Summer to prepare for a hurricane my freshman year and that it's one of the school years of their life. Mine was the total opposite. The second semester was the best part. I feel like the entire first semester is spent just getting into the groove of what you need to do, how you need to do it, and making an impression. The second semester is full of friends, fun, and studying your butt off. And I loved every single minute of it.. well looking back on it. At the time, of course not. It was awful. Like you would have to be crazy to enjoy studying for your AP exams, am I right? But looking back, I loved it. 

I cannot believe the year is over (as of now I have 3 half days left.. but it's basically over). So much has happened, I've changed so much, I've met incredible people and amazing friends, I've learned so much. One of my favorite classes from second semester was Photography. If you've followed me for a while you know I love my camera, and I love snapping shots for Instagram, Snapchat, ect. Well this year I really just wanted to learn more, and I did, and it was so fun.

assignment name: snapshot vs. photograph

assignment name: awkward angles & fine details

 assignment name: awkward angles & fine details with animals

assignment name: photograms
*excuse the table, these photos of my work were shot at school. I created these photograms in the dark room, and developed the photos myself.

extra assignment: landscape

assignment name: architecture

 Not quite remembering the last assignment's name.. but we took photos around the school on an old camera, developed the film, then developed a photograph.

Another class I thoroughly enjoyed this year was gym. The majority of my friends complained, grumbled, and groaned.. but I loved it. I lost a lot of weight, and it felt better too. Here's to keeping up healthy habits!

English was a lot of fun as well. You could probably guess (because y'know.. blogger) that English is my favorite class... and you'd be about right. I loved reading this year and practicing my writing skills. I had the most wonderful teacher (who even bought my momma's book!) and she taught me so much. 

Science and math were for sure the hardest classes I took this year. I struggled (and am still struggling.. my exam is Wednesday) in science. It was tough, my teacher was tough, and the subject just made zero sense to me. In Math, I passed my exam with an 89, and I couldn't be happier. 

Spanish was a lot of fun this year too! I had two great friends in that class with me.. shoutout to Sarah Grace and Megan.. and even though we talked a lot, and watched One Tree Hill, laughed at who was gonna be on the Bachelorette this season, and Dancing With The Stars, I learned a lot too! 

The only other class I took this year was IBA (business apps- so Word, PPT, Excel, and Access). That class was so cold. I remember freezing my butt off on the days I tried to look nice and wear a dress. I remember shaking, teeth chattering in the Winter when it was ALREADY cold outside.

So I wrote all that on Sunday... I wanted to wait until I actually had finished for the year to conclude this post. I'm in utter shock and just confusion about school right now. Kinda like this dazed feeling.. I'm not sure how to describe exactly what's happening right now. Like I've done so much and moved at such a fast pace all year that to stop suddenly for the Summer is just insane. 

Maybe I'll actually feel like it's #summer2k15 soon... Here's to sleeping. Sleeping a lot. And hopefully a ton of more blog posts from me:) 

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